right.questions | Dagmar Eisenbach, right. based on science

Why did you decide to switch from a leadership role in a large corporation to a young start up in the climate metrics space?


I was involved with right. based on science ("right.") almost from the beginning, first as a connector, then as a member of the advisory board. I was always inspired by the fire of innovation, the leadership philosophy and down to earth, passionate style of Hannah and Sebastian, the founders, and enjoyed helping develop the strategic direction. When things started taking off with right. the amount of time started taking off as well. As part of my Senior leadership role at HP, I was busy with questions such as “how can we make our salesforce more productive”. Whilst this was fascinating and I loved my team, I felt that spending more time with right. would make more of an impact in the world as ultimately, climate metrics are a lever for companies to become more resilient and better prepared to take climate action.


I was always inspired by the fire of innovation


How is this making a difference?


Well, right. has developed a model, called XDC Model, X-Degree Compatibility, which can help a company to determine its starting point in the climate space in simple terms. This in turn makes it easier to set goals and determine the path which will get you there. I think that the role of entrepreneurship is to solve problems,… and get money while doing it. So, right. is helping companies to solve the problem of climate change by making them more quantifiable and addressable. The XDC Model calculates by how many degrees would earth warm up, if every company kept emitting at current levels, given the same level of economic output. Do you know that the earth would warm up to nearly 5°C, if all companies acted like the Dax 30 companies?


What is your role in this, how will you help solve climate change?


My role is to turn the high level of interest into paying customers and lead projects with companies and consultants. For example, this could be part of a consortium developing a tool or a new approach for an association that wants to take a thought leadership role with its members and set a sector goal. This might also involve recruiting consultants who will help us implement these projects with companies. Or it might involve speaking at conferences and events to highlight right.’s perspective. No day will be like the previous one, I am sure, and I look forward to it!

When do you start?


My first official day is on October, 1st. This actually coincides with the launch of the XDC Platform and is close to the IPCC launch of the “Special Report Global Warming of 1.5°C” where they will outline the impacts of global warming of 1.5°C and related global greenhouse gas emission pathways.


Where do you see the journey going?


Increasingly, companies and financial institutions are stepping up and taking responsibility for limiting climate change. Not because they suddenly become climate activists, instead they realize that their business models depend on understanding the various scenarios that might Impact their economic viability. Strategists will enrich their scenario planning with climate relevant data, risk managers will develop risk mitigation strategies and actions, and innovation managers will market the solutions they create. It’s clear that businesses will make money from solving climate change  issues.