Making the transition tangible – in °C

Measure, understand and manage your climate impact with tailored solutions by right°


XDC Climate Impact Report

Status quo climate impact analysis of your company. Compare your temperature trajectory to the Paris Agreement goals and chart your 1.5°C-aligned emission reduction pathway.

Current Assessment

Analyse the temperature alignment of your business relative to the Paris climate goal and compare your climate performance with your sector peers.

Reduction Pathway

Discover the annual emissions reduction (scopes 1-3) that your company should fulfill, in order to achieve Paris Alignment.

Results Deep Dive

Gain a detailed understanding of our findings, underlying assumptions, and benchmarks through a final workshop with our experienced consultants.


Sample: XDC Climate Impact Report

XDC Scenario Explorer

XDC Scenario Explorer

Web-based software solution for dynamic scenario analysis. Unlimited modelling of scenarios for the future development of emissions intensities. Solid foundation for climate strategy, risk management, and investment decisions.

Temperature Target Setting

Use detailed climate impact analysis to define temperature targets specific to your business – whether for the entire company or separate business units.

Forward-looking Scenario Analysis

Follow TCFD recommendations by conducting forward-looking scenario analysis for a flexible timeframe from the base year through 2100.

Effortless Reporting

Make your climate-related disclosures transparent and tangible through degree Celsius metrics and science-based, effective emissions reduction targets.

Risk Management

Identify the hot spots in your organisation and assess the positive or negative climate impacts of planned ventures and investments.

Climate KPIs for Investments

Evaluate the effectiveness of intended investments and their compatibility with your temperature target.

Compelling °C

Leverage the compelling potential of degree Celsius metrics to get employees, customers, investors, and internal stakeholders involved in the transition.



XDC Portfolio Report

Snapshot of your portfolio’s climate impact. Assessment of Paris Alignment and temperature benchmarking at single security and portfolio level.

Climate Target Benchmarking

See whether your portfolio fulfills your temperature targets and where the greatest deviations occur. 

Science-based Climate Reporting

Take your ESG reporting to the next level by including science-based, forward-looking climate metrics. 

Coverage Check

Verify our broad data coverage in advance – including listed and private equity, bonds and sovereign bonds. 

Minimal Effort

You send us the ISINs and portfolio weights and our team of financial experts will do the rest. Receive your report as a useful Excel file, including an in-depth discussion of the findings with our consultants. 


Sample: XDC Portfolio Report (.xlsx)

XDC Portfolio Explorer

Your portfolio alignment at a glance. Access forward-looking climate metrics and target benchmarking  for single securities and your entire portfolio. Register now for free!

From snapshot to steering

See the climate impact of your investments at first view. Identify the best and worst climate performers among your holdings and explore in detail the changes you can make through rebalancing. Make the most of our user-friendly, web-based software to actively manage your portfolio along science-based, forward-looking climate KPIs.

Intuitive reporting

When talking about climate change, what could be easier than degrees Celsius? Make your climate reporting tangible and transparent with all the accuracy of a science-based, robust metric and all the simplicity of a single value: °C

Look ahead until 2100

What is the portfolio’s temperature trajectory if things continue as before until 2050 or 2100? How does this align with the Paris Agreement goals? A unique combination of bottom-up baseline calculations and top-down target benchmarking gives you full insight into where your investments are headed.

Broad Coverage

XDC Portfolio Explorer covers 80+ sectors (NACE classification) and offers immediate access to temperature alignment results for approx. 6,000 listed companies plus 168 sovereign bonds. Just upload your portfolio (.csv) and get started for free.

Premium Features

Choose the Premium version to get full feature access, including

  • selecting mitigation scenarios from either the International Energy Agency (IEA), Network for Greening the Financial System (NGFS) or One Earth Climate Model (OECM),
  • adjusting the timeframe for any end year up until 2100,
  • editing portfolio weights and more.

Add the Sovereign Bonds module to get your full multi-asset portfolio analysis in one seamless tool.


See more and register for free at

Real Estate

XDC Real Estate Explorer

Capture the climate impact of buildings, quarters, and real estate portfolios in one simple value: degrees Celsius. Calculate 1.5°C-aligned decarbonisation pathways. Evaluate refurbishments and investments in advance. Tackle the transition. 

From complexity to clarity

See your building stock’s climate performance, where the greatest climate risks lie, and what decarbonisation pathways to 1.5°C-alignment would look like. It’s easier than you think! Data on area, building type, country, and emissions (Whole Buildings Approach) are converted into one single figure: X °C.

Science-based investment

Our innovative X-Degree Compatibility (XDC) Model marries economy and science: Based on the CRREM decarbonisation pathways, we measure the performance of each building against its 1.5°C-aligned benchmark (depending on country and building type) and then calculate: What if the whole world operated as this building does?

By integrating a climate model, we bring the best available (climate) science into our calculations, giving you everything you need in one number: reliability, transparency, international comparability – all based on science.

Know what works

Which refurbishment measure is the right choice? When is the best time for it? How can renovation plans be adjusted to maximise their effect? And, most importantly: Will the planned optimisations be sufficient to bring the buildin, the quarter or the portfolio on track for 1.5°C?

Use scenario analysis in XDC Real Estate Explorer to check the effectiveness of your plans, before investing in them.

Competitive Advantage °C

Impress your customers and investors with sound, tangible, and intuitive climate metrics. Use forward looking KPIs to not only show how carbon-intensive your real estate is now, but to demonstrate that your modernisations are 1.5°C-compatible. Make the transition possible!

Software or API – your choice!

Use our own browser-based application, XDC Real Estate Explorer, to analyse your buildings directly. Or integrate our climate metrics into your own systems through an API.


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