Commitments, Duties, and Initiatives:

right. based on science represents a transparent way to a 2 °C world. Not only are we passionate about working for and offering advice on 2 °C compatibility with the focus on science-based targets - we are also committed to the overall goal of keeping global warming under 2 °C and actively bringing our skills into different initiatives.

Science-Based Targets


Science-based targets are emission targets, which are determined based on what climate scientists have identified as a global emission budget, in order to guarantee that global temperatures are kept well bellow under 2 °C. The calculation methods defined by the Science-Based Targets Initiative describe entrepreneurial emission targets, which accurately represent how many emissions a company is allowed to emit, if it wants to contribute its fair share towards keeping global temperatures well bellow 2 °C. It is possible for undertakings to commit themselves (voluntarily) to setting these emission targets. We have of course committed ourselves to setting science-based targets.


Carbon-neutral state administration - "Learning Network"


The "Learning Network" is an open platform created to encourage a constructive exchange about concepts, strategies and the use of innovative technologies on the way to CO2 neutrality. We support the state of Hessen in its "Carbon-neutral state administration" project and pro

mote the state's efforts to establish a climate-neutrally working administration by 2030.


 Accelerating Sustainable Finance Initiative


In signing the “Frankfurt Declaration”, a joint declaration of key players from Frankfurt’s financial centre, we attest our intent to define a framework for a sustainable financial sector and to put an array of initiatives in motion to achieve this in financial centre Frankfurt.

Open letter of transparency regarding climate risks with regard to financial markets



right. is one of 25 organisations that signed an open letter to German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Minister of Finance Wolfgang Schäuble on 5 July 2017. The signatories advocated for the G20 countries to provide more transparency with regard to the risks climate change will pose to financial markets.


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