Hannah Helmke  |  Shareholder, Co-founder and CEO

Hannah Helmke (born in 1988) has a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and a Bachelor of Arts in International Business. Her focus on economic activity in a world affected by climate change was the result of combining both disciplines. For four years, Hannah has been pursuing her conviction that the top-down approach to emissions targets management is correct. She has gained valuable experience working for Daimler AG and for the Deutsche Post DHL Group. She most recently worked for IT service provider BridgingIT GmbH where she explored the potentials of digitalisation for reaching sustainability targets and gained project management experience introducing science-based targets as reporting instruments. She has published articles on the greater context of science-based targets and thoroughly enjoys giving lectures on her area of expertise.


Hannah is a daringly honest and solutions-oriented partner committed to the integrity of her convictions. She does not easily tolerate obvious illogic. Her deep respect for the blue planet is fed by her fascination with the natural world. She never wants to lose her ability to observe.

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Dr. Sebastian Müller, LL.M.  |  Co-founder

Dr. Sebastian Müller (born in 1983) is a doctor of law with a focus on tax law. For 4 years he gained experience in the field of investment tax law. Within right. based on science (“right.”) he works at providing the legal context that justifies the suitability of right.’s science-based X-Degree Compatibility (“XDC”) Model as the best available tool for corporate and financial Climate management.


Sebastian worked with the Society for International Cooperation and the OECD in South Africa on tactics for preventing tax evasion in African countries.


Sebastian’s standards for better and more just business practices, the confidence with which he plans and implements his creative ideas, and his tireless discipline form part of the core values and character of right.


Marcela Scarpellini, LL.M.  |  Legal Analysis

Marcela Scarpellini (born in 1985) studied law at the Universidad Católica Andrés Bello in Caracas (Venezuela) and studied with an LL.M. at the University of Stockholm (Sweden) in the field of environmental law. She has professional experience with the international corporate law firm Norton Rose Fulbright, in the public sector as well as within the fields of intercultural management and project management in a multinational company. In the context of her work with the NGO ProVene, Marcela is engaged with human rights. She is also active in theatre and is a yoga teacher.


The fact that the natural world is generally taken for granted in Venezuela - the country where Marcela was born and grew up - is what spurred her to investigate how other countries take responsibility for their ecological systems. She is particularly interested in how this is transferred to social, economic, and political structures.


Marcela sees the preservation of functioning ecosystems as the only way to ensure the conditions for development on this planet. For Marcela, work with the concept of science-based emission goals at right. is a clear step toward her vision of how the world should be.

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Dr. Hans-Peter Hafner  |  Mathematician

Dr. Hans-Peter Hafner (born 61) holds a PhD in mathematics from Johannes Gutenberg University in Mainz. In addition to his research in geometry, he also specializes on statistics. He gained professional experience a.o. as Senior Statistician in the marketing consulting firm Claritas Germany (now: Acxiom), for which he carried out target group analyzes and calculated socio-economic parameters, such as private purchasing power and social Milieus on a small scale. In addition, he worked for almost 10 years as a Research assistant in Official Statistics and pursued, in cooperation with other authorities and Research institutions, extensive projects to develop new methods for the anonymization of microdata. With the aim of providing scientists with high-quality data from official surveys that still met privacy requirements.


Hans-Peter has been living as a vegan for three years. Since he acknowledges that factory farming is one of the biggest causes of global warming. Depending on the method used, it is responsible for between 18 and 50% of all greenhouse gas emissions. This is a particular incentive for him to contribute to the creation of mathematical models and metrics for assessing climate-relevant business processes that might convince many companies of the advantages of low-emission business processes.

Dr. Benjamin Eberhardt  |  Astrophysicist

Dr. Benjamin Eberhardt (born 84) holds a PhD in physics from the Johannes Gutenberg University in Mainz. During his research work in experimental astrophysics, he dealt with new methods for observing the sky and comprehending the explosion processes of heavy stars. He also specialized in the analysis of large amounts of data and the development of scientific software.


He has gained professional experience at international research institutes in France, the USA and Canada and as an independent programmer and IT service provider. He finds collaboration in interdisciplinary teams particularly appealing, the understanding and explanation of complex relationships as well as solving challenging technical problems with care and foresight.


Benjamin is very close to nature, enjoys cycling and has lived in a tiny house in the countryside for many years. In this housing community, he plants fruits and vegetables, together with others and generates his electricity from solar energy. Respect for nature and a conscious and resource-saving approach to life are very important to him.

Jonas Becker  |  Data Scientist

Jonas Becker (born 92) holds a bachelor's degree in economics from the Goethe University of Frankfurt and a master’s degree in Business Informatics from the University of Applied Sciences of Frankfurt.



He has gained professional experience both from the corporate as well as from the start-up world. At PWC he was involved in a consulting project regarding all aspects of industry 4.0 and the digitization of financial processes. Jonas has also supported projects regarding the automation and digitization of processes within the sales department for Shopgate an up-and-coming Start-Up.



As early as 2016, right.’s and Jonas´s paths intersected. After becoming aware of the company short after right. was founded, Jonas felt the urge to become part of this project. During this time, he worked intensively on existing methods for calculating the emission reductions of economic actors and is now working with right.’s developed and proprietary metric, the XDC.


At right., Jonas can optimally combine his knowledge and understanding of economic systems and his affinity for informational working methods with his desire to work for something valuable: To pay necessary attention to climate change, attention which consists in making climate-relevant risks tangible and measurable, in order to generate suitable responses towards planetary systems.

Lennart Schweser  |  Corporates



Lennart Schweser (born 99) is studying for a Bachelor's degree in Economics at Goethe University, specialising in management.


His professional experience includes internships at the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit GmbH (GIZ) and FC Bayern München AG. In addition, he worked at Kantwert's, a young start-up in the area of network analyses, where he supported the internationalisation of applications and databases.



Lennart is very enthusiastic about sports, trains every day and enjoys tackling new challenges. Above all, he enjoys biking, since it allows him to appreciate the freedom and grandness of nature. He is specially interested  in the connections between nutrition and health, and he is a vegan. Being vegan is, according to his view, one of the most effective ways in which environmentally friendly attitudes can be exercised.


He likes discussing with others about the relationship between humans and nature and is uplifted by inspiring ideas. His aim is to improve transparency about the effects of personal actions on the environment and to promote greater awareness around sustainable lifestyles.

Linda Schultze  |  Office Management



Linda Schultze (born 86) holds a Master's degree in Film and English from the Johannes Gutenberg University in Mainz. Her organizational talent and her open and friendly manner recently led her to assist Frankfurt Arthouse cinema´s theater director.



Since living in New Zealand for a year after finishing high-school, she grew very fond of the country and its people for which she regularly travels to visit the "Kiwis". She has always been fascinated by the largely untouched nature and the New Zealanders' sense of responsibility towards their greatest treasure. She also enjoys cooking and baking with fresh produce, as she appreciates the power of good food as a way of bringing people together.



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