Hannah Helmke: (Shareholder, Co-founder and CEO )

Hannah Helmke (born in 1988) has a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and

a Bachelor of Arts in International Business.

Her focus on economic activity in a world affected by climate change was the result of combining both disciplines. For four years, Hannah has been pursuing her conviction that the top-down approach to emissions targets management is correct. She has gained valuable experience working for Daimler AG and for the Deutsche Post DHL Group. She most recently worked for IT service provider BridgingIT GmbH where she explored the potentials of digitalisation for reaching sustainability targets and gained project management experience introducing science-based targets as reporting instruments. She has published articles on the greater context of science-based targets and thoroughly enjoys giving lectures on her area of expertise.


Hannah is a daringly honest and solutions-oriented partner committed to

the integrity of her convictions. Although she sees facts as the greatest enemy

to truth, she does not easily tolerate obvious illogic. Her deep respect for

the blue planet is fed by her fascination with the natural world. She never

wants to lose her ability to observe.

 Selected Publications

  • "Was ist die Unbekannte", tbd*, Juni 2017
  • "Emissionsziele - Die Erde im Fieber", IHK WirtschaftsForum, Ausgabe 04/2017
  • "Kapitalrisiko Kohlenstoffblase", FORUM Nachhaltiges Wirtschaften, Ausgabe 02/2016
  • "Conceptual Analysis of the international logistics of Daimler Trucks under the assumption of a 2° target policy", CSR and Logistics, René Schmidtpeter (editor), 2015
  • "Responsibilty in the value chain: What the market wants and what the future needs", Responsibility in global value chains - Impulses of a new generation, Jan Hendrik Quandt,Christoph Schank, Kristin Vorbohle (editors), 2015



  • "Wirtschaften vor dem Hintergrund globaler Klimaveränderungen", VHS, Frankfurt am Main, Februar 2017
  • "Powertable: Wisschaftsbasierte Emissionsziele", hypatia, Berlin, Februar 2017
  • "Nachhaltigkeit braucht Innovation: Wissenschaftsbasierte Emissionsziele", IHK Nachhaltigkeitskreis, Frankfurt am Main, Dezember 2016

Dr. Sebastian Müller: (Shareholder and Co-founder)

Dr. Sebastian Müller (born in 1983) is a doctor of law with a focus on tax law. He currently practices investment tax law at a large international firm in Frankfurt. His professional activities include tax consultancy for large business projects, and his primary interest is the double taxation of international companies. He views double taxation as an interesting approach when designing emissions taxes or allocating emissions budgets.


Sebastian is a rather unusual lawyer; instead of concentrating on tax optimisation, he works with the Society for International Cooperation and the

OECD in South Africa on tactics for preventing tax evasion in African countries. Instead of exploiting grey areas, Sebastian is guided by his belief in what is right, which he represents with remarkable integrity.


Sebastian’s standards for better and more just business practices, the confidence with which he plans and implements his creative ideas, and his tireless discipline form part of the core values and character of right.


Janosch Birkert: Product Development

Janosch Birkert (born in 1986) holds a degree in environmental engineering (MSc) from the Technische Universität Darmstadt, and a degree in biotechnology (BE) from the University of Applied Sciences, Frankfurt am Main. He is especially influenced by trans-disciplinary work at the Institute for Social-Ecological Research (with a research focus on "water resources and land use”) in Frankfurt/Main (ISOE) and most recently has gained professional experience in political counselling (with the sector project "Sustainable Fishing and Aquacultures”) at the Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit GmbH (GIZ). His activities in various cultural, social, scientific, and public institutions have given him a clear understanding of individual scientific disciplines and how they might be integrated.

Janosch is especially interested in taking integrated approaches to transformation processes, thus addressing the challenges of climate change with deep reflection. In his eyes, this includes making new knowledge visible where necessary, through reappraisal and consultation. The resulting awareness of the urgent nature of climate change serves as a catalyst for successfully implementing new, science-based approaches into practice.


Climate change is in full swing. As a member of the right. based on science team, Janosch is responsible for a conceptualising process that brings society and businesses together for a future that draws closer every day, and developing that union in an intelligent and open-minded way, a way that is based on science.

Marcela Scarpellini: Business Development

Marcela Scarpellini (born in 1985) studied law at the Universidad Católica Andrés Bello in Caracas (Venezuela) and studied with an LL.M. at the University of Stockholm (Sweden) in the field of environmental law. She has professional experience with the international corporate law firm Norton Rose Fulbright, in the public sector as well as within the fields of intercultural management and project management in a multinational company. In the context of her work with the NGO ProVene, Marcela is engaged with human rights. She is also active in theatre and is a yoga teacher.

The fact that the natural world is generally taken for granted in Venezuela - the country where Marcela was born and grew up - is what spurred her to investigate how other countries take responsibility for their ecological systems. She is particularly interested in how this is transferred to social, economic, and political structures.


Marcela sees the preservation of functioning ecosystems as the only way to ensure the conditions for development on this planet. For Marcela, work with the concept of science-based emission goals at right. is a clear step toward her vision of how the world should be.



  • "Science Based Targets: the right. starting point", Blockchain ClimateCup, Toronto (Ontario), Juni 2017

Anna -Katharina Muth: Working Student


Anna-Katharina Muth (class of '93) received her BSc in mathematics in 2014 and is currently writing her final dissertation for her MSc in mathematics at the Goethe University Frankfurt.


She couldn't be more excited about the idea behind right. based on science - providing companies with advice on science-based targets. This platform gives her a way to devote her enthusiasm for mathematics to environmental protection, which is very important to her it due to the responsibility she feels for the generations to come. As a working student, she supports the team where she can and will also be developing mathematical models for right. based on science.


She learned how to implement mathematical models into practice through a risk management position at Commerzbank and in the pricing department at Lufthansa.


You would like to work with us?

We are always keen to get to know candidates, who

  • have a strong personality and a passion for applying their specific skill sets to find solutions to the challenges we will face in advancing and applying science-based emission targets
  • are fluent in English and German
  • have a strong team spirit, a deep capacity to reflect, healthy skepticism and absolute integrity with regard to key climatic issues

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