right. based on science

right. based on science UG was founded in August 2016 in Frankfurt am Main by shareholders Hannah Helmke and Dr. Sebastian Müller.


‘Anything against nature will not abide for any length of time.’ Charles Darwin


The two partners founded their own company out of the strong desire to demonstrate their convictions practically rather than simply through theoretical means. They believe that a wise and respectful approach to nature – including human nature – is a vital and overlooked element that contributes to the good of a society and the health of an economy. As they see it, science must make a significant contribution to reconciling humanity’s value-adding activities with the physical laws of the four elements. By quantitatively, clearly, and tangibly demonstrating how far the homo economicus species has overshot its target, science can provide it with the opportunity to make more intelligent decisions regarding the creation of value.


That’s why they tasked themselves with providing any company that recognises its equitable contribution to international climate targets with as much scientific insight as possible. In doing so, right. not only continuously improves the reliability of methods for setting emission targets, but also advances the application of emission targets in working contexts so that they become increasingly less stigmatised as organisational and financial burdens. Instead, these targets can come to be regarded as indispensable assets in the transition to a low-emission economy and can become even more integrated into society at large.


‘Being an adult means being able to reconcile love, work, and pleasure.’ Sigmund Freud


Another reason they started their own business was their desire to create a life in which the private and professional spheres are blurred because people are doing what they believe in; a life in which friends and acquaintances would be unable to tell if you were working or pursuing personal interests. Hannah and Sebastian aren’t interested in preaching about work-life balance, but rather in creation, activity, and concentration. Freedom shouldn’t be defined as freedom from something so much as freedom to do something. Innovation, character, authenticity, and charm are the results of this kind of understanding. right. places the highest priority on creating a culture based on these values using corresponding structures and processes.