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One of right.'s central goals is the ongoing development of how science-based emissions targets can contribute to corporate strategy within a low-carbon economy in both theory and practice. The correspondingly high standards we place on our work require the appropriate environment, one that


encourages people, reflects their characters, and simply lets them be; one that provides them with space and security, and promotes activity in all possible forms.


That’s why right. chose the industrial park of the Frankfurt Osthafen for its unique space:


Head: The location of our office, deep in the bustling industrial zone of Frankfurt Osthafen, along with its spacious rooms with high ceilings and open views, allow us to achieve optimal concentration.


Heart: The loving design of the space provides a vital balance for all our headwork. The intensity of topics related to climate can sometimes be difficult to process – personal experience has shown how much working in settings that we find aesthetically beautiful can soothe us and help us rejuvenate the strength necessary to deal with such issues.


Hands: Many small projects take place simultaneously in our office spaces – whether it’s building garden beds on the terrace, preparing for events for external companies and organisations or simply maintaining the premises. So when the head can’t take any more, it’s the hands’ turn.


Renting our space

Whether a business seminar, a meeting, a conference, or a photo shoot - the unusual environment of right.'s office in Frankfurt am Main is the perfect setting for any event.


Rental of all rooms on a daily basis:

right.’s office spaces can be used by other companies and organisations. Communications seminar groups, photographers, marketing groups for creative work, and groups of employers have previously benefited from the friendly, inspiring, and personal ambience at right.’s offices. Prices are based on time needed, number of persons, type of booking, and the size and focus of your organisation – just send us a message, we can send additional images on request.


Renting individual desks:

Anyone who is looking for a temporary desk or is a freelancer looking to work (spontaneously) for a few hours/days at our offices is welcome to make an inquiry. Internet access, use of the kitchen, coffee, tea, and water are included. Price: €25/day (9am-6pm).


You use exclusively green power from ews Schönau, the best organic coffee from Van Dyck Rösterei. We compensate the CO2 for your event by a tree donation to Naturschutzorganisation Naturefund.




"This is the way to work: Lots of space, inspiration, no daily grind. Plus it's clean, well-maintained, and comfortable." (TEDxRheinMain)

„For our workshop for female managers and professionals, we were searching for large, individualised rooms that were warm and bright, rooms that would serve as safe spaces for the women involved. I can say that the client, the women, and of course we ourselves were completely thrilled by this exceptional loft and the touch given by the people that run it. Wonderful!" (HaraDo-Institut für Kampf&Kommunikation)

"It was wondeful to work outside of the restrictions of a traditional conference room. The homey atmosphere allowed for extremly constructive food for thought and creativity" (Mindshare GmbH)



"The room was excellent, the atmosphere was wonderful, and the ambiance was pleasant – anything but mainstream." (pilot Hamburg GmbH and Co. KG)

"We were more than impressed by the workspaces as well as the presentations. It was some powerful stuff... in the most positive way. ;) " (Reschke Productions GmbH)

 "We are always happy to be guest in this eclectic loft with its wonderful mix of industrial charm, a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere, and a professional work environment."(menschenkenner)