right. based on science is  a young consulting firm which deals with climate management from a financial risk perspective


Countries have signed the Paris Agreement and adopted national climate plans. Green technologies are replacing fossil fuels at a rapid pace. Companies and organisations can profit tremendously from these changes. But how does that work? What specific requirements would it entail? How can companies and organisations make changes that contribute to the goal of 2°C?


With their extensive networks, the multi-disciplinary, international team at right. is something of a "tax consultant" for emissions data. right. supports its clients in making the challenges posed by the Paris Agreement and national climate plans manageable at an individual level. To this end, science-based targets are used to generate relevant information for each client.


More on the skills of the team at right.


The Team

An innovative interaction between reliable disciplines

Hannah Helmke

Psychology & Business Administration

Dr. Hans-Peter Hafner


Marcela Scarpellini

Environmental Law

Dr. Sebastian Müller, LL.M.