Dr. Sally Dacie Model developer

I work on a topic I care about.

Dr. Sally Dacie Model developer

I work on conceptual model development at right., helping to bring new ideas and improvements into the XDC Model, particularly the climate part.

Before joining right. I did a PhD in climate science, where I learnt a lot about how the Earth system works and how it is affected by human activities. One thing, that was very striking for me, was learning about the history of climate science: that key findings regarding the amount of global heating from increasing CO2 concentrations were discovered more than 50 years ago. This made me wonder, why, if the science has been there for such a long time, haven’t humans managed to significantly reduce their emissions already? Accountability and transparency are key factors, and this is where the work done at right. can really make a difference.

There are several reasons why I enjoy working at right. Firstly, it feels good to use my knowledge, time and energy to work on something that I care about. Secondly, I get to spend lots of time thinking, which is one of my favourite things to do. And, finally, I have nice, helpful and intelligent colleagues to work with.

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