Elena Wagner Intern - Corporates

Elena Wagner Intern - Corporates

Before joining right., I completed my Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration with focus on International Management and was able to gain work experience in organizations such as Deutsche Bundesbank and the American Consulate General in Frankfurt.

When discovering right., I immediately knew I could have a more direct contribution towards a meaningful goal in addition to having a positive impact by countering one of the most pressing and omnipresent issues of our time, climate change.

The main project I am working on involves checking the plausibility of XDC Model outcomes through a detailed analysis of various companies. Hereby, I can incorporate the knowledge I acquired during my study program while exploring key parts of sustainability in businesses.

At right., all my expectations have been exceeded. From day one, I was able to individually develop creative approaches to my projects, while simultaneously experiencing great support by the entire team. The inclusive, productive and positive work culture not only contributes to a familiar environment but fosters a motivational and ambitious work culture based on mutual support.

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