Elza Martinez Executive Assistant to Hannah Helmke

Elza Martinez Executive Assistant to Hannah Helmke

In addition to supporting our CEO, I am responsible for establishing a robust operational infrastructure and intuitive processes that help our team work better. After all, being a young successful company means adjusting to the growth of the team and ensuring that all the workflows are well aligned to support our mission in the best possible way.

During my studies I gradually came to the intense realization that all of humanity’s problems are meaningless if we do not work on maintaining a liveable home. Global warming shows how short-sighted our systems and actions are, and that finding smart and sustainable solutions to climate change is the most important test humanity is currently facing.

The nicest thing about right° is the chance to work with smart people who are passionate about what they do and thus elevate each other.

I love challenges and working at right° gives me just that.

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