Jennifer Emenegger Manager Communications & Marketing

Jennifer Emenegger Manager Communications & Marketing

I’m Communications and Marketing Manager for right. open – the bridge from right° to academia. We facilitate collaborations between front line climate researchers and the current and future workforce. Our aim is accelerated implementation of meaningful, measurable, and science-based climate mitigation strategies across industries.


It’s my job to transmit the wide range of opportunities we offer to students, researchers, and professionals, enabling them to develop praxis-oriented methods to mitigate and reverse global warming. I invite our stakeholders to reach (and sometimes to reimagine!) their potential and apply their expertise to become our planet’s freshest climate mitigation leaders.


My background is in biology (MSc Molecular Microbiology), but I’m a jane-of-all-trades with a penchant for writing and editing. At right. open, I have the genuine pleasure of tapping into both my formal education and my soft skills daily. Prior to joining right°, I worked primarily in biotech and pharma.


Transparency is a core value at right°, and honesty is what I believe in. There aren’t many companies I’d want to do marketing for, but I’m proud to promote the truly innovative and transformative vision of right° and right. open.


A few things about me as a person: I am a true generalist at heart and have worked in positions from country club concierge to NOAA fisheries scientist to chiropractic assistant to Subway “sandwich artist” (yes, really) to research assistant for studies atop a volcano. I have an odd affinity for old maps. I seem to be addicted to reading scientific journal articles (why google when you can PubMed). And I go thrift shopping in nearly every city I visit.

I invite our stakeholders to apply their expertise and become our planet's freshest climate mitigation leaders.

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