Jonas Becker Consultant Climate Impact

Jonas Becker Consultant Climate Impact

At right° I am part of the corporates team.

Of course, I learned a lot about climate change through my work at right°. However, one of my first contact points with the topic was the agreed <2°C target of the COP21 and the challenges arising from it, to which right° as a company can make a positive contribution. For me, right° stands for working on the right topic, in the right context and with the right level of attention – just doing it right.

Working at right° I find the multidisciplinary and international team particularly valuable. I also enjoy the challenge of working on something that has never been done before – the XDC Model. Almost every day new use cases arise where the XDC Model and its logic are tested, and solutions have to be developed to answer our customers’ inquiries.

With my work I make a positive contribution to the <2°C target.

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