Liv Hammann Climate Impact Analyst - Corporates & Real Estate

Liv Hammann Climate Impact Analyst - Corporates & Real Estate

As Climate Impact Analyst I am in direct contact with the real economy and real estate stakeholders. I explain our XDC Model as well as software and analyze the climate impact of companies and buildings.  I also take requirements for temperature alignment metrics from the real economy as well as the real estate industry and work with our model team that continues to develop the XDC Model.


Working at the interface between application of XDC and model development allows me to combine my enthusiasm for interacting with our clients and my background in environmental modeling.


I feel enriched but also challenged by working in our multidisciplinary team at right° Having many different perspectives on the XDC Model makes us constantly question our work. The goal: To keep improving the XDC Model.


When I think of right° the first word that comes to mind is “tangibility”. That’s what try to achieve every day: Making the complexity of emissions, climate change and models tangible for stakeholders.

Our model creates aha effects: Where do I stand? What do I aim for?

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