Verena Koch Head of Project Management

Verena Koch Head of Project Management

What a great team – interdisciplinary, highly ambitious and highly skilled, working together for a joint goal. Having the opportunity to use my expertise, gathered in a totally different sector and environment, within this young evolving company is challenging and rewarding at the same time. It feels very good to contribute to solving a social challenge.


Reading an interview with the founder of ‘monomeer’, a plastic-free-shop, years ago, opened my eyes for the urgency of more sustainability in our lives. From this moment on I engaged more and more in this field and inevitably found climate change to be one of the great challenges for society. Then came the time where it wasn’t enough for me anymore to change my own behavior, but I wanted to do more. Therefore I decided to also dedicate my work to these challenges.


In my role as project manager at right°, I help the company to organize and structure its work and especially client projects in a way that we can deliver results on time and in high quality.

I wanted to do more and  now I dedicate my work to climate change.

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