Webinars 2019

What is right.open? A project led by right. based on science (“right.”) which seeks to make climate risks tangible and accessible to a range of actors. right.open will provide its participants with access to the so-called X-Degree Compatibility (“XDC”) Model as a science-based method for designing effective climate strategies.


What is the webinar about? In this webinar we will explain the background, purpose and vision of right.open as well as the benefit it shall bring to your research activities.


How to make use of right.open? Prof. Dr. Wayne Visser, Professor of Integrated Value and Holder of the Chair in Sustainable Transformation Antwerp Management School will give an insight how he intends to incorporate right.open in his research.


We look forward to recieving your questions. #rightopen


XDC webApplication - Calculation of the Standard XDC for ENEL S.p.A.



For the first time, companies are able to independently calculate their contribution to global warming. Our XDC webApplication is an easy way to do so. Pioneering companies having used our XDC webApplication, are coming back with questions:

  • Is it possible to calculate my science-based climate target with the XDC webApplication?
  • What data do I need to be able to use the XDC webApplication?
  • How can I use the XDC webApplication for climate management?

What are your questions?


On Tuesday, 22 January 2019, from 10am-11am CET, we will be using the XDC webApplication to determine the Standard XDC of the Italian utility company Enel S.p.A. Find out how we determine it, by joining our webinar. We look forward to your participation.


The webinar will be held by Hannah Helmke and Roman Herzog from right. based on science. #ReachClimateTargets


The Net is Tightening #2. Climate litigation increases.

A material risk for companies?


Climate litigation has increased exponentially in the past decade, with claims against companies and governments reaching levels which should no longer only concern lawyers and defendants.


Considering the grounds for such claims are challenging the economic and environmental grounds upon which our system is built upon, climate litigation is expected to exert considerable pressure for demanding more and better Climate action. We will look into:

  • Climate litigation as a source of pressure for climate action.
  • Materiality of climate litigation for corporations.
  • The role of attribution science, for helping allocate specific damages.

On Thursday, 28 February 2019 from 4pm-5pm CET, we will discuss the potentiality of climate litigation of becoming a corporate material risk. Find out how we do it, by joining our webinar.


The webinar will be held by Hannah Helmke, Sebastian Müller and Marcela Scarpellini from right. based on science. #ClimateChangeLiability

Webinars 2018

The Net Is Tightening

How regulation is pushing for science-based climate metrics


With an increasing amount of political and regulatory pressure for accurate climate-related disclosures, corporations and financial actors are likely to find themselves in a conundrum derived from effectively generating and disclosing required information. Disclosing risks, opportunities and specific contributions of climate change to an corporations and financial actors might prove challenging at the initial stages due to the level of complexity required to understand how climate will affect a corporation, assets and investments. right. based on science proposes disclosing climate-related information with the use of science-based climate metrics, specifically using the X-Degree Compatibility ("XDC") as the main source of information.


We will explore:

  • Political and regulatory context justifying the requirement for precise understanding and disclosure of climate related factors.
  • How the XDC can provide sound information to fulfill such requirement.
  • What types of legal consequences/questions are likely to arise due to basing decisions on models and Scenarios.

right.now is the webinar series of right. based on science. In our webinar from 24 May 2018 we give a deep look into these questions. #ClimateChangeLiability


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>2°C or <2°C ?

We have the number.

Introduction to the XDC, a science-based climate metric.


A company´s specific contribution to manmade climate change had not been quantified up to now. right. based on science has developed a science-based climate metric that quantifies this contribution in a precise manner: a company´s X-Degree Compatibility ("XDC") measures the temperature increase the world would face by 2050, should all companies be as emission intensive as the company at hand, given the same economic output. The XDC allows a company to:

  • Compare to relevant benchmarks, e.g. the 2 ° C target, the 1.5 ° C target or sector specific XDC averages
  • Set and manage a science-based emissions target (as any target temperature in any target year)
  • Test whether an investment supports the science-based emissions target established for a specific company

right.now is the webinar series of right. based on science. In our webinar from 23 March 2018 we introduced the XDC with its different use cases, clarified the link with Science Based Targets and provided a first insight into the "XDC webApplication". #XDC



"Climate-related legal risk management: The merits of science-based sustainability data"


Since climate change is affecting society at different levels, companies are starting to ask how to incorporate this reality into their performance. We explored the following points in order to determine an appropriate course of action towards considering and incorporating risks from a legal perspective:

  • Main climate-related legal risks
  • Liability and determination of responsibility
  • Explore science-based sustainability metrics as effective tool for managing such risks

right.now is the webinar series of right. based on science. Comments and questions were discussed at the end. right.now is the webinar series of right. based on science. The set of slides is available on Slideshare. #ClimateChangeLiability