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What is the XDC?

X-Degree Compatibility ("XDC") is a science-based climate metric which Permits for assessment of climate as a specific risk category. The XDC estimates how many °C the Earth would warm by 2050 if all companies were to operate as emissions-intensively as the individual company / industry / investment portfolio, under consideration. As a science-based climate indicator, the XDC is able to provide answers for various stakeholders regarding climate-relevant risks within Business development. For example, if a company has an XDC of 2.7 that would mean that the earth would heat up to 2.7 °C using the XDC's computational logic if all companies were performing as emissions-intensive as the one under consideration. The XDC is calculated using the XDC model. More Information via Webinar...

Functions of the XDC model

The XDC model calculates your company's XDC in individual scenarios. The model allows you to define the assumptions for value added and the emission intensity of your company on your own. For your scenarios, you are able to set emissions reduction targets as you see fit. Your target may be the current climate target you have selected, your science-based target, or a freely chosen °C number (e.g., 2.3 °C compatible in 2034 or 1.5 °C compatible in 2050). The XDC model calculates the corresponding Emission reduction requirements (annual / absolute). With the XDC model, you are also able to check if an investment meets or helps meet emission reduction requirements identified. Another feature of the XDC model is your company's direct XDC comparison with other companies in your sector as well as comparison with average for the sector.

XDC webApplication insights

Awards, certification and references

The City of Frankfurt am Main supports the development of right. based on science's climate metric X-Degree Compatibility ("XDC") - "Team Frankfurt"

Which are the strongest medium-sized companies in Germany? "Die Deutsche Wirtschaft" has determined and analysed the 10,000 most important medium-sized companies by using the XDC as the climate risk factor of the rating - "Mittelstand 10.000

The Federal Ministry of Education and Research comissioned the metropolitan Region Frankfurt/Rhein-Main to initiate "Bioökonomie im Ballungsraum“ ("BioBall"). The X-Degree Compatibility ("XDC") serves as  rating system.